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Roof Ventilation

Roofing Ventilation Services in Novi, MI and Surrounding Areas

Proper attic ventilation is an essential part of your home's design and needs a fundamental focus when conducting a roof replacement. Not only is adequate ventilation critical to the performance of your home's roof, but inadequate ventilation can also void your shingle warranty, leaving you holding the bag when damage occurs. During a roof inspection or roof replacement, SJH Home Improvement pays special attention to your home's ventilation to ensure that your investment is protected for the long-term. As roof ventilation experts, we know exactly how to equip your home with the right products to protect both your home and its warranty.

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Moisture and Temperature Control are Critical to a Long-Lasting Roof

Controlling temperature and moisture levels in your home is complicated by Michigan's drastically changing seasons. In the summer month's heat rises and builds up in your attic and results in higher cooling costs. In the winter, heat buildup in your attic helps trap moisture and leads to mold, mildew, and low indoor air quality. Ice dams are also an issue for an attic that is too warm as it melts the bottom layer of resting snow into ice, adding weight to your roof's structure. To create proper attic ventilation, we need a balanced system of intake vents along with exhaust vents.

When SJH Home Improvements visits your home, we will look closely at your attic's construction, its current ventilation systems and speak with you about your existing heating and cooling costs. Our goal is to design a comprehensive ventilation system designed for your home's needs that saves you money and protects your property year-round. There are several solutions on the market today, and we can serve as your experts in making the right decision in your ventilation needs.

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Our Roofing Services Protect Your Home and Your Warranty

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners can make is to hire a roofing contractor that does not understand the importance of proper attic ventilation. An improperly installed airflow management system will not only significantly reduce the lifespan of your roof but can also immediately void the warranty provided by your shingle manufacture. While many roofing contractors cut corners on time or proper ventilation equipment, SJH Home Improvement takes a holistic approach to create a roofing and ventilation solution for your home that protects its structure as well as your investment in it. 

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  • Excellent work done replacing our roof this past summer. The work was done on schedule, within budget, clean up was great and the results look terrific. Additionally, many of the homes in our area were damaged by a recent wind storm, but ours held up perfectly. - Angie B.
  • The owner thoroughly explained all my options and the crew executed the job with meticulous diligence. Super impressed with the post clean up, and the owner who stopped by to inspect and ask if I had any concerns, which I did not. Highly Recommend SJH Home Improvements for any of your roofing needs! - Kent K
  • SJH delivered a high-quality product and went outside the scope of the project to make us happy. Would highly recommend to anyone needing a new roof or repair. - Mac N.
  • Very professional, prompt and the work is high quality. I highly recommend this company. Rebekah G.
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